Motivating belief in Jesus Christ and nurturing believers to become more Christ-like within the inner city of Houston.

Welcome to Adelphos Bible Church (ABC)

Adelphos (Greek for “brethren” or “brothers”) is a term that signifies our connectedness with all who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as our savior and reconciler to Almighty God, our creator, in the continuation of the work of Christ. ABC seeks to motivate belief in Jesus Christ and to nurture believers to become Christ-like.
Networked with the Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA) and operating in the Third Ward, an inner city of Houston in Texas, ABC pursues an incarnational ministry that seeks to engender the practice of affective Christianity that “goes‟ to the community rather than expecting the community to “come” to church. It is our hope and prayer that Christ shall manifest, draw to Himself, and transform lives as we love, serve, and share His grace with those He sends our way in this section of the city.

The Mission of ABC

Adelphos Bible Church exists to motivate belief in Jesus and nurture believers into Christ-likeness.

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