The financial support for Adelphos work comes from individual or institutional donors that buy into the Adelphos vision. Our target population in the inner city is not in a position to support this work at the moment and the burden of material resources lies with the brethren and generous donors like those visiting this site. We ask that you consider extending your giving to enable us serve in our inner city. If you are a believer, please pray and seek God’s mind about supporting ABC’s efforts in the Third Ward as a way of witnessing in our “Jerusalem” (Acts 1:8) right here in Houston, Texas.

No donation is too small and you may donate as little as $5.00 per month by clicking the donate button:

If you prefer to send a check, then address to Adelphos Bible Church and mail to P.O. Box 6337, Katy Texas 77491.

Please note that ABC is a Federal 501c-3 organization and a member of the EFCA network that adheres to the policies and practices of the network among which include the management of resources such as finances. Consequently, ABC funds, however sourced, belong to the organization and are subject to competent control of the financial professional systems at EFCA. Separation of receipts, recording, disbursements, and banking is strictly upheld.

May God increase you as you support this ministry.

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